Smart Signals

Fiind helps businesses find their customers efficiently using machine learning – by enabling marketers and sellers tune into signals that customers send prior to buying. Fiind processes structured and unstructured data with our DICE models (decodes data for intent, context and events) for actionable insights.

Customer Intelligence. At your fingertips.

Smart Signals

Tune into 100s of digital demand signals.

  • Business signals: Expanding? New Initiatives? Customer issues? M&A?
  • People signals: Leadership changes? Hiring? Difficulty in hiring?
  • Technology signals: Tech Savvy? Moving to Cloud? Modern? Digital?
  • Social signals: Socially active? Tweeting? Blogging? SEO optimized?
  • Others: Attending events? Industry signals? Product signals?

Customer 360° view. Enriched with Real Time Signals.

  • Firmographic and Demographic data
  • Links to website and social media
  • Enriched with historical transactions and behavioral signals
  • Enriched with internal data from CRM and Marketing Automation
  • The “Edge” with all the relevant news and social activity in one place

Find Right Customers. Using Powerful Predictors.

Smart Signals

Access Actionable Insights. Easily.

  • Review the top leads in your territory by their likely to buy scores
  • Search by company or industry or size or geography
  • Enrich leads from CRM and Marketing Systems
  • Insight into customer initiatives and intent
  • Select favorites to get alerts on changes

Likely-to-buy scores. The reasons behind the scores.

  • Scores by product. By opportunity (New, Upsell, Cross-sell)
  • Powered by DICE model that decodes data for intent, context and events
  • Best-in-class data sciences algorithms and predictive models
  • Monitor customer decisions and change patterns
  • Continuous Machine Learning to improve prediction accuracy

Empower your Teams. Boost your Processes.

Smart Signals

Personal, Leader and Change Dashboards.

The customizable dashboards feature summary views with Top Accounts, Notes and Wins, and changes. Continually monitor status and signal changes.

Manage Access. On Demand.

Provide on demand access to your team members and partners. Add, Remove and Restrict permissions to users for accounts, signals and dashboards.

Monitor Usage and Change.

Monitor usage of the signals and the impact of the signals on the results. Assess the changes to improve results and empower your teams to achieve more.