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Fiind Rhythm

Get customer intelligence at your fingertips

Our customer surveys show that sellers spend 25-40% of their time in researching their accounts and customers. Sellers look to multiple sources from search engines to industry publications, access multiple tools and stich together data to make sense of what is happening with their customers.

Save at least an hour a day. Fiind signals gets 100s of relevant signals from 100’s of sources, so you can stay current on what your customers are up to in a few minutes.

Actionable insights. Don’t spend time deciphering the noise. Get actionable intelligence that you need already decoded.

Get alerts. Get your brief on your customers daily or weekly or as and when it happens.

Fiind Rhythm

Reach right customer, right message, right time

In the absence of customer intelligence, sellers could end up spending time with wrong leads and miss out on the right leads. The result is lost customers and revenues. Our research shows that Predictive analytics and Machine learning helps improve conversion rates by an average of 50%.

Customer insights to make decisions. Learn about customers in your target market – geography, industry, size. Understand trends and signals. Focus on the likely-to-buy prospects.

Turn on your Customer GPS. Understand buying signals generated by your customers before buying. Identify who maybe looking for your products and why. Chart the path to win the customer.

Impress your customers. Build and adjust your pitch based on your customer insights and signals generated the prospective buyers.

Fiind Rhythm

Access customer signals and scores. Anytime, Anywhere

Sellers don’t want yet another tool for customer intelligence. There are already overwhelming number of sales and research applications that they use. Imagine accessing customer signals and scores right within their application of choice.

Salesforce or Dynamics 365: Access customer signals and scores right within your CRM. Leverage the scores to focus on the right customers. Use the signals to tailor your messaging.

Office 365 or Google Apps: Imagine personal briefing agent that brings customer intelligence right within your calendar automatically for every meeting on your calendar. Get the customer insights along with the meeting logistics.

Browser: Access the intelligence on cloud on a browser. On any device. Mobile or Desktop. No installation needed.

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