Fiind Rhythm

Marketers can reach the right customer at the right time with the right message by turning on their Customer GPS that answers questions such as who is likely to buy (and what and why). Fiind Rhythm serves as a Customer GPS helping to lift responses, conversions and ROI.

Fiind Rhythm

Actionable Customer Segments. Based on demand signals.

  • Segment based on Customer Needs and Intent signals
  • Review segments: Act Now, Nurture, Evaluate and Educate
  • Strategize messaging based on the signals driving the segment
  • Align go-to-market execution approach to the segments
Fiind Rhythm

Discover competitive and customer insights

  • Learn about top customer signals in your target market
  • Review key customer needs and intent signals by segment
  • Assess patterns and trending customer key words to inform messaging
  • Track key customer metrics such as market share by segment
Fiind Rhythm

Analyze target market to inform GTM approach

  • Learn about which industries present the best opportunities for conversion
  • Plan marketing calendar based on customer signals to maximize conversion
  • Evaluate customer campaigns for best return on your budgets
  • Monitor changes in the target market to adjust GTM approach as needed
Fiind Rhythm

Execute for lift in conversions and ROI

  • Export the top leads based on the GTM approach
  • Integrated with marketing automation systems for execution
  • Integrated with CRM for sales execution
  • Review responses, conversions and changes to signals and segments