Data as a Service

DaaS builds on the concept that the data can be provided on demand to our clients. Data as a service brings the notion that data quality can happen in a centralized place, cleansing & enriching data and offering it to different systems through APIs.

Fiind aggregates data from various sources to get 360 view of the customers. Give us the company list and get the company insights across our web portal and in our APIs. Powered by our recommendation / prediction engine, DaaS lets you target the right prospects from any device. Combining your existing customer data , like transactional data and other internal data, along with Fiind data sources including social, firmographic data, DaaS will be one stop service where you will be able to find complete and up-to-date information about your customer. Fiind’s DaaS solution offers a fast and efficient way to ensure your teams have the right data at the point of decision, whenever and wherever they need it.

Fiind’s Signals-as-a-service (SIGaaS) gives you the power to analyse your large amounts of customer data and get the actionable insights. With PaaS you can crunch your internal data along with Fiind’s data sources and AaaS , powered by best-in-class models, gives you access to powerful insights and key signals. These insights and key signals are available on the air through our APIs and you can plug-n-play on top of your apps anywhere anytime.