About Us

Fiind helps businesses find their customers efficiently using machine learning – by enabling marketers and sellers tune into signals that customers send prior to buying. Fiind’s library of over 100 million signals serves as a Customer GPS with answers to questions such as who is likely to buy (and what and why).



Our vision is to enable marketers and sellers find the right customer at the right time. We are reimagining customer and market intelligence.

Who We Are

Fiind is a team of engineers, data scientists and consultants passionate about helping businesses to find their customers efficiently with machine learning.

Why Fiind

Approach: We have a fundamentally new approach to marketing and selling.

Assets: Our growing library of rich signals and algorithms combined with our experiences.

User experience: UI designed by users. For the users. Delivered on their system of choice.

Our Values

Customer-first: We are obsessed with earning and keeping customer trust.

Motivation: We are motivated by the desire to make a big difference.

Innovation with speed: We are always looking for ways to be better and faster.