Analytics as a Service

Refers to the provision of Analytics services and model through API. Clients access a remote Analytics platform and leverage the best-in-class algorithms.

As defined by Prof. Winston, we believe AI is,

"Algorithms enabled by constraints, exposed by representation, that support models targeted at thinking, perception and action"

Thinking, Perception, and Action are the end goals of AI. We need algorithms that work within constraints, and represent models of our problems in order to make headway.

Machine learning algorithms, is part of AI, have much to do with the fact of building an analytical model that automates the process of analysing data. These algorithms, automatically and quickly, produce models that are able to analyse a complex and a larger quantity of data, obtaining faster and accurate results.

At Fiind, we work with client to obtain good representations which is key to problem solving. Fiind’s advanced analytics apps are agile and leverages the best of the class toolkits. We run on top of MAML with custom scripts that are function/event dependent and can be used based on specific problem.

These findings are valuable and strong predictions that can guide any business towards better decisions and smart actions in real time, with no human intervention.

Our analytics offerings span the full spectrum of value chain – from universe selection to contact strategy. We can find behavioural patterns hidden in this amazing quantity of data including the ones that are not visible to analysts, discover new customer segments, identify buyer behavior, predict fault line, etc.